Clear Start
  Clear Start is specially designed for people under 18.
It is perfect for starting teen skin on a
healthy skin care regimen.
Clear Start Teen Facial               
 This facial is specially designed for people under 18.  The Clear Start Teen Facial is perfect for starting teen skin on a healthy skin care regimen. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation scrub, steam to loosen debris from pores, extractions, calming mask, moisturize and sunblock. Education on teen skin care is giver during treatment. 
Teen Skin issues
Dermalogica Clear Start Kit 

Clear Starting Foaming Wash
Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash
This breakout fighting, foaming wash clears away dead skin cells,
dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts.
Use on your face , back, neck...
Wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer breakouts.
Pre Cleansing Scrub for teens 
Dermalogica Pore Cleansing Scrub
Exfoliant - $28.00
Scrub off dead skin cells and deep clean pores for a clearer you!
Skin-smoothing scrub helps skin feel cleaner and fresher than before.

clear start tonerDermalogica All Over Toner
Breakouts - $28.00
This unique mist-all-over purifying toner controls excess oils and helps eliminate
breakouts on the face and body. Refreshing extracts help cool and revive skin

Matte Moist by clear start for teensDermalogica Matte Moisturizer - $36.00
A moisturizer that minimizes oil and shine?
It's true! This ultra-light, non greasy hydrating formula controls
oily areas like the nose and forehead for an all-over matte finish.


Cooling Masque by clear start for teensDermalogica Cooling Masque - $36.00
Turn down the redness and save your skin from breakouts!
This potent masque helps reduce breakout-causing bacteria 
while a cooling sensation refreshes and soothes.

Daytime Treatment by Clear startDermalogica Daytime Treatment - $36.00
This lightweight moisturizer helps wipe out oil and pore-clogging
debris while adding essential moisture to the skin


Overnight treatmentDermalogica Overnight Treatment - $28.00
Wake up to better skin!Rest easy as this invisible moisturizer 
absorbs quickly then works all night to purify and improve skin.


Emergency Fix by clear startDermalogica Emergency Fix- $28.00
Dab this powerful concentrated gel 
directly onto problem areas.

 Great Gift to get teens started with skin care

for one of the most difficult person to shop for.